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Who are the Readers on the Edge?

Well… In no particular order (and not comprehensively because some of them prefer to remain secret squirrels) –

Cas – likes sci-fi, fantasy, regency romance, and a bit of YA/urban fantasy. Prefers her vampires with bite, not sparkle.

Emma – likes history mysteries, paranormal fantasy & an element of farce, and reads pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Fandoms: Sherlock, LotR, HP (Dramione), Inuyasha. Favourite Authors: Terry Pratchett, LK Hamilton, P Ness, B Aaranovitch, JR Ward & JRR Tolkein.

Sam – likes most kinds of books but probably reads sci-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy and classics the most, with the occasional YA title thrown in for good measure. Her favourite author is Margaret Atwood. She is always looking for good book recommendations so if you have a suggestion feel free to tweet her.

Beth C – Being a children’s book editor, Beth rarely gets to read books written for adults any more. Luckily she’s a huge fan of picture books and YA, but her real passion is dystopian literature. She also likes fiction with an element of social history, feminism and anything with an inclusion and diversity slant.

Charly – Charly likes fantastic rather than fantastical fiction – her favourite books are probably David Nicholls’ Starter for Ten and Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies (both pretty different from one another, but you should definitely read them both)!

Alex – Alex likes everything but mostly reads YA and sci-fi, because she loves high stakes and spaceships. In times of crisis she asks herself ‘What would Scarlett O’Hara do?’ and she has a guilty fondness for badly-written fantasy novels.
Favourite authors: David Levithan, Margaret Atwood, Patrick Ness, John Green.



Also, honorary non-Oxford/past members:
Beth M

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