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Eleven Cubed

Cover of Eleven by Mark Watson

So, on the 11th day of the 11th month, the bookclub shall read… Eleven by Mark Watson. (See what I did there, with the clever post title and everything?)

This is the story of radio DJ Xavier Ireland, who by night offers words of wisdom to sleepless Londoners and by day keeps himself to himself. That is, until a one-of-a-kind encounter forces him to confront his own biggest regret. Meanwhile, a single moment sparks a chain of events that will affect eleven lives across the city, with unstoppable consequences…Eleven is a tale of love, loss, Scrabble and six degrees of separation, asking whether the choices we don’t make affect us just as powerfully as those we do.

Why this book? Well, because Mark Watson will be one of the authors at November’s Short Stories Aloud, that’s why.

Day: Tuesday, 11th November
Time: 18:30 to start the discussion, but as ever get there any time from 18:00 to start on the food/drinks/gossip
Where: Far From the Madding Crowd

If you could confirm your likely attendance on facebook/in the comments here/on email/in a text that would be great 🙂

The June meeting – when and what?

So we need to decide two things – what do we read to discuss and June, and when shall we have the discussion.

Book choices =
Diddakoi, Rumer Godden
Longbourn, Jo Baker

When (as Short Stories Aloud has gazumped our usual day of Tue 10th) =
Thur 12th
Mon 16th
Wed 18th

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, Twitter, or on FaceBook.

It’s the Season of Mists (and stories)


What are you doing next Tuesday evening (24th September)? If it isn’t coming to the first Short Stories Aloud of the season, then you are silly. Very silly. And will be missing out on an exceedingly fun evening.

Short Stories Aloud, run by the truly delightful Sarah Franklin, is a monthly event where short stories are read aloud by talented actors. The authors often come along too, so there is usually a chance for a wonderfully informal (and often hilarious) Q&A session. Plus cake. Did I mention the cake?

It is happening at The Old Fire Station in central Oxford, with kick-off at 19:30. Entry is £5 (or free if you bring cake).

This month sees stories from award-winning Jonathan Grimwood & journalist/broadcaster/author/standup Viv Groskop. The actors will be familiar to SSA audiences – Jason Hewitt & Jenny Johns.

Hopefully see you there!