Hi – we are the Edge of Reading group.

One rainy June afternoon in 2013, a group of publishing type folks in Oxford got gossiping about books on Twitter. The only problem being, 140 characters really isn’t enough to froth properly about books.

So Cas tweeted Emily, and Emma, and then Leen. Followed rather quickly by Polly, and Sam, and Charly and Beth. Then someone tweeted to Rebecca, and another Beth, and Holly, then they invited Sophie and Alex… And the group was born! Initially called the Oxford Literature and Latte Society (mainly for alliterations sake), we settled on the Edge of Reading in September 2013.

Why “the Edge of Reading”?
In Beth’s words:

Emma was thinking of literary links, and Bridget Jones, the Edge of Reason (for the wine links), but then we figured the Edge of Reading had lots of interpretations. We all work in the book industry, so are on the edge of reading, discussing books is on the edge of reading, not actually reading. There were other things too…

What do we do?
We sit down, usually once a month, talk about the book we’ve read, drink wine/tea/coffee, eat cake/chips, talk about other books, gossip, and generally have a good time.

Who are the Readers on the Edge?
All the members of the group are listed on the bio page.

What is this blog for?
This blog is for reviews of the books we’ve read as a group, books we might have read independently and just wanted to rave/rant about, fun events… And stuff. Who knows? We’re frankly making this up as we go along.

You sound awesome, I want to join your group!
If you can be in Oxford, please do come to a meeting. They are usually the second Tuesday of each month (though October 2013 is being sneaky), and held in a fairly central location.
If you are not in Oxford, er… Well, read the book and then jump in the comments of the review and share your thoughts! Forums might be set up at some point in the future when the web-guru (Cas) can make them work. I did mention the whole “making it up as we go” thing, didn’t I?”

What sort of books do you read?
Everything. Anything. We all have areas we prefer to read in (see the Bios), and the main point of the group was to read things we wouldn’t necessarily have read otherwise. We try to mix it up, and pick titles that have been out a little while and are readily available in the library. We also try to find things none of us have read before, that way we all have a surprise.

I have a suggestion for you…
Oh, do share! We are always on the look out for ideas for future books. We have a suggestions page where you can leave a comment, or drop us an email – edgeofreading@gmail.com

You are all girls!
Yes, yes we are at the moment. It wasn’t planned this way, I assure you! It’s just how it worked out. If you are a guy and fancy joining us, just say so!

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