State of the Union

So it has been nearly two years since that fateful Twitter conversation that got the Readers on the Edge together for the first time to discuss Ocean at the End of the Lane. Wow. We’ve discussed a LOT of books in the past few years!

The time has come, however, for me to step to one side and to let someone else take charge. Sam has very kindly agreed to take over the reins.

A few other changes.

  • We’re moving the meeting night to Wednesday – so, 2nd Wednesday of every month is now book group night.
  • We’re going to trial The Mitre as our regular spot. It’s quiet, has reasonable food, has lots of space, and is nice and central.
  • We’ve picked the books for the next six months (see the Reading List). Super organised I know! We thought that having more of a “plan” and knowing what was coming would be a good idea. When the time comes to pick the next six months, everyone puts an idea in the hat and then we do a draw.
  • The person whose suggestion it is that we read is that book’s sponsor. All that means is you’re the one who leads the discussion about the book and (hopefully) comes with a few prompt-questions prepared.
  • We’re going to keep this website up and running, because it’s a good way for potential new people to find us (as Cathryn and Stacey can attest!). The Facebook group is going to stay our main forum for discussion and event planning but if you’re not in that, don’t worry! Just shoot us an email (, say hello on Twitter (@edgeofreading), or leave a comment.

Er, I think that’s it! We’re always on the look-out for new members so if you fancy discussing an eclectic range of books with a group of super-friendly publishing peeps, get in touch!


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Cas - likes sci-fi, fantasy, regency romance, and a bit of YA/urban fantasy. Prefers her vampires with bite, not sparkle.

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