What shall we read next?

It hit me, rather suddenly, in the midst of our conversation about More Than This and gender/lgbt/feminism/etc, that we have read eight books so far, and not one has been by a female author.

I nearly drowned myself in my cup of tea then and there (after handing in my feminist credentials).

Then I figured that this was a bit of an over reaction. And the books we’ve read so far have been enjoyable and weren’t deliberately chosen because they were by men, and I’m not the only one picking books, and we read across a range of genres so it’s not like we’re pigeon holing ourselves…

But it still left a vaguely uncomfortable feeling in my gut and made me think of the ratio of male to female books reviewed in the big press, or on the big prize shortlists, or the many many other examples of the disparity of gender representation in literature.

In order to assuage my guilt (appropriately felt or otherwise) for discussion in March, (and probably for the next few months till I feel less guilty), we will be focusing on female authors.

Fortunately, there is an embarrassment of riches to choose from. So, help us decide –

Cast your vote in the comments below, or on twitter, and help choose what we should read next.


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