Winter Read: Erasmus Hobart


For December, we are going on a travel through time to uncover the truth about Robin Hood in Erasmus Hobart and the Golden Arrow.

Robin Hood was a crook! But was he as good a crook as the legends suggest? That’s what Erasmus Hobart ā€“ school teacher, history fanatic, time-traveller ā€“ wants to find out. In this, his first adventure, Erasmus takes his time-travelling privy back to mediaeval Nottingham in his quest for knowledge. But with homicidal knights, amorous female outlaws and mischievous squirrels complicating his investigation, will he uncover the truth in time to get back and mark 4A’s history homework?

The blurb goes on to say “Andrew Fish brings a new slant to the classic legend. Erasmus Hobart is the perfect new adventurer for fans of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett“.

What do you think? Read it and come to the meeting in December to find out what the rest of us thought.

When: Tuesday, December 10th, 19:30 (note the slightly later start – we expect a later finish as well).
Where: La Tasca at the Castle. Tapas and drinks and fun, guaranteed.
How do I get a copy?: email the group/use the contact form and Cas will arrange šŸ™‚

As well as the usual book group chatter, this will be a festive party type event, with fun and frolics aplenty. We might even be able to get Beth and Polly to do a Strictly reenactment. Who knows?!

Also, just FYI, I (Cas) am incapable of saying the word “squirrel”. It’s a thing. Don’t judge me. Apparently squirrels feature heavily in this story. This could be a problem when it comes to discussing the book…


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