How it works

So, what can you expect to see here?

The main categories of posts will be:

1) Reviews of books. These will be either books we have read for the monthly meetings, written by one of the Readers, or a book one of the Reader has read and that she feels she must share.

2) Meeting Diary. We hold meetings at least once a month, and these posts will detail the book we’re going to be reading etc.

3) Events. Oxford is a city with lots of fun and exciting literary events going on, and as all the Readers work in Publishing, they tend to go to a lot of them! Sometimes, the muse will strike and someone will just feel the urge to post about it…


About Cas

Cas - likes sci-fi, fantasy, regency romance, and a bit of YA/urban fantasy. Prefers her vampires with bite, not sparkle.

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